It's the season of thanksgiving and being grateful for what we have Today, not tomorrow---just Today is very important. From my own experience, remembering to be thankful has provided tremendous benefits to my life so why not share them, right?? Here's how being grateful has changed me and my life: 

1. Every morning, being thankful for THREE things.

  • Today, the wind, watching the falling leaves as they take off from tree and until they reach the ground, then twirl, and move away--what a joy, and 3rd thing--my breath, I was alive this morning to see this beautiful creation.

2. Grateful for all the colleagues I have met in my profession. 

  • I have always learned something from everyone who I have interacted with. It's true. If you take the time to be present -- you will learn something. Thank you for all my grant professionals who have helped me learn, grow, succeed, and of course, help me learn from my mistakes and convert them into my strengths. It has helped me appreciate their contributions in my life as I try to be a better entrepreneur.

3. Grateful mind has helped me mentally & physically. 

  • I have come to enjoy nature more than ever before. Going on long walks, hikes have been a blessing. It gives me time to be thankful for MYSELF so that I can take care of my family, friends, and causes that I care about. 

4. Grateful heart has helped me to be more organized. 

  • I have always been a planner but this year with an aging parent and losing a family member has been very challenging but in the midst of this journey, I learned to not find the time but MAKE the time for things that are important and must be done. 

5. Above all, Grateful to have this greater power who is watching over us at all times. 

  • It's true that there is a season and time for everything. We learn, we grow, we change, and we be. 

Wishing you all a great season from PKS Grant Management & Accounting Solutions, LLC. We hope this post encourages you in some little way and we would love to hear your thoughts. Share your comments and let us know.